11 Adorable Dogs Who Are Living Housewives-Worthy Lives

11 Adorable Dogs Who Are Living Housewives-Worthy Lives

People go crazy trying to figure out how these pups got so pampered and they just let them.

By Jordan Upmalis

Instagram has become an absolute phenomenon. Not only is it a way to get information and interact with celebrities, it’s also a great way to de-stress during a crazy day.

We’re halfway through the week, and do we have the perfect pick-me-up for you. The Housewives have given us the amazing opportunity to get a glimpse of how the other half lives. And it turns out that Giggy isn’t the only overindulged dog out there.

We’ve compiled a list of some pictures of privileged pets who look more than ready to take on their own Housewives franchise.

”Life isn’t all biscuits and rose, but it should be.” Looks like this dog would fit in just fine with Lisa Vanderpump’s menagerie at Villa Rosa.

On a night like this I am dreaming about warm temps and flowing Rosè. CC: @yeswayrose

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Mutt mansion? Or has construction on Chateau Sheree finally finished? You be the judge.

”What? You think I’d fly coach? LOL. Now, pop that champs please.”

With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, a Housewife-worthy dog has to dawn a racetrack worthy getup. Looks like this pup would fit right in with the ladies at Churchill Downs.

Speaking of betting, this little guy looks like he’d fit in just perfectly at one of Eileen’s poker parties. Winner, winner!

Springtime in Aspen is so refreshing. We wonder if this canine flew solo or joined the Kandi’s Ski Trip gang.

Springtime in aspen 🐶 @colbythecavapoo #rich #dog #rdoi #luxury #woof #richdogsofinstagram #hotel #vacation #aspen

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Well, if Lisa Vanderpump is ever named the Monarch of Mardi Gras again, we know who she can bring along as her trusty sidekick (along with the Sex Monster, of course).

🎶Live fast, trot hard, bad dogs do it well🎶

A photo posted by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

Considering we’ve had several Bravolebs who have forayed into the pages of Playboy, this pup fits right in rubbing elbows with Hugh.

This dog’s yacht may be sailing…

…But this one’s ship is coming in!

blast off bitches 🚀🐶 #rocketdog #spacecadet #rich #dog #rdoi #luxury #woof #richdogsofinstagram #spaceship #pool #sun #swag

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At the end of the day, living a Housewife-style life can be ruff. So this pup reminds you to stay pampered and get a paw-dicure every once in a while.

Every pup needs pampering #rich #dog #rdoi #luxury #woof #richdogsofinstagram #pamper #muttmani #puppypedi #spaday #everyday

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