It's Binge-Watching Season! 15 Travel Movies to Spark Your Wanderlust This Winter

It's Binge-Watching Season! 15 Travel Movies to Spark Your Wanderlust This Winter

Whether for their explicit globe-trot themes, or their destination settings, these diverse flicks will get you thinking about where to head next.

By Rachel McRady
It's nesting season, and that means serious binge-watching time. How about a little multitasking while you're unwinding? Use your endless Netflix-and-chill hours to percolate plans for your next great global escape. Let these 15 movies inspire your wanderlust, either with their overt travel-minded plot lines or simply their stunning destination backdrops.

1. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Watching Diane Lane's character build a new life for herself in the Tuscan countryside after her divorce will probably prompt you to book a flight to Florence. It may also make you want to remodel your home, eat lots of gelato, and shop for chic tunics.

2. Wild (2014)

In Wild, Reese Witherspoon plays the writer Cheryl Strayed, who walked all 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in an effort to overcome the loss of her mother. That kind of trek isn't for everyone, obvi, but the wilderness scenes may inspire you to book a solo trip amid natural splendor... and vastly more luxuries amenities.

3. The Holiday (2006)

When characters played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swap homes for the winter holiday, they find love, sip tea by the fireplace, and befriend elderly men. Your mileage may vary — but if you try a home-exchange program too, you'll get the chance to live like a local. 

4. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

In this heartwarming tale, a group of retirees travels to India to move into a newly opened hotel. The rich culture and vibrantly colored fabrics will make you want to brighten up your dreary winter — say, for instance, with a trip to a dynamic and stimulating far-flung country.

5. Leap Year (2010)

Think stunning cliffside views and the color Kelly green. Sure, it may be just a tad predictable when Amy Adams' character travels across Ireland with a hunky Matthew Goode, but we're in this one for the picturesque landscapes and quaint Irish traditions. 

6. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

While they may not seem like the most obvious travel movies, all of the Lord of the Rings flicks were filmed in New Zealand. And the lush green mountains might just inspire a trip across the International Date Line.

7. Mamma Mia! (2008)

If you can stomach Pierce Brosnan’s singing for long enough to watch this fun musical, you'll be rewarded with many fab Greek isle landscapes: The cerulean blue waters and tiled floors are to die.

8. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

This comedy is a tale about a heartbroken soul, played by Jason Segel, but his Hawaiian vacation will fill your heart with a different kind of feeling: huge desire to visit the stunning state. 

9. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Nothing beats Paris in the rain! Woody Allen’s love letter to the City of Light takes you on a journey through the French city’s most historic sites — and what a wanderlust-inspiring journey. Quelle merveille!

10. Sex and the City 2 (2010)

When these four tried-and-true Manhattanites decamp for Abu Dhabi, it's glamour galore. From their seriously chic Emirates flight experience to their lavish hotel accommodations — the girls' travels may have you pining for spice markets and satin slippers. 

11. The Proposal (2009)

When characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock fake their engagement, they head to Sitka, Alaska, to tell his family. Waterfront property with snow-covered mountains in the background? It might bump Alaska to the top of your domestic bucket list.

12. Blended (2014)

While it’s not Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s best rom-com (that’s obviously The Wedding Singer, hello), Blended does show off some serious South Africa scenery: Filming took place at Sun City safari resort.

13. Notting Hill (1999)

London calling! From the independent book shop to the local outdoor markets depicted in this classic, this movie offers plenty of U.K. eye candy to inspire a trip across the pond. 

14. Chef (2014)

In Jon Favreau's recent indie success, he plays a chef who leaves his high-end restaurant behind to start a food truck business. He travels cross country in his mobile kitchen, eating New Orleans beignets and Texas barbecue while crafting delicious Cuban sandwiches. Domestic road trip, anyone?

15. Chasing Liberty (2004)

How many of us can relate to the wanderlust boiling over in the character played by a young Mandy Moore in Chasing Liberty? Look for European vacay inspiration, with scenes in Venice, Berlin, and more.
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