2016 Travel Goals! These Are the 10 Best Beaches in the World

2016 Travel Goals! These Are the 10 Best Beaches in the World

From isolated serenity to chichi party scenes, these beaches are as diverse as they are divine.

It's January, and that means it's probably puff coat weather in your part of the world. In other words, it's time to book a flight and pack a bag for a fabulously sunny and warm locale.
To inspire your next move, we've assembled our subjective list of the 10 best beaches in the entire world — and they're each more stunning than the next. From serene classics to celeb-studded hot spots, these beaches all have at least one thing in common: They feel like pure, unmitigated paradise. So off you go!

1. Pampelonne, St. Tropez

A nude beach frequented by celebrities? Well, that's really a win-win. It's the home of the famous Club 55, where the serious bold-faced names are sure often seen on their French Riviera yachting holidays.

2. El Castillo, Tulum

Everyone you know is headed to Tulum, Mexico this year. (Isn't the beach town being touted as the latest "sixth borough" of New York City after all?) The hot spot is an unforgettable white sand beach with Mayan Ruins perched on the surrounding limestone cliffs. Perfect views, fish tacos, and all-day margaritas — yes, please.

3. El Nido, Palawan

The Philippines is a huge chain of islands, and El Nido is a section of many stunning unspoiled beaches that connect. Come here to island hop between massive limestone cliffs sticking out from the sea.

4. Red Beach, Santorini

This is likely the most famous of all the beaches in Santorini, which is itself the most famous of the islands in Greece. Santorini boasts beaches with sand in white, black, and red thanks to volcanic geography. The red beach is unlike any place else on this list, and makes for a seriously staggering view backed by a huge red cliff.

5. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

The scenes here in Queensland, Australia are beyond stunning: It’s almost as if the beach is a painting. The look results from sand swept through the ocean at different depths, given the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. This beach is equally as known for its pure white sand as it is for its sailing.

6. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue

No best-beach list can be trusted unless the Seychelles are on it. If not in person, you’ve surely come across the famous photos of this pink-tinted sand beach on Pinterest. With absolutely sparkling clear water, dotted with giant picturesque boulders, and a safe swimming cove surrounded by coral, you can spend the whole day snorkeling in pure serenity. 

7. Matira Beach, Bora Bora

You’ve not seen paradise until you have seen the honeymoon huts that jut out from this stunning Tahitian beach. It’s a coconut tree-lined, mile-long beach with a lush green backdrop. And you can walk right onto it even if you aren’t splashing out in luxury at one the the five-star villas.

8. Marietas Islands, Mexico

Off the coast not far from Puerta Vallarta, Mexico is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Its unique features were formed from what's reported to have been a bomb test site (though that's oft debated), and it can only be accessed by water tunnel. From above, it looks like a piece of the island has been scooped out, revealing the gorgeous sea underneath.

9. Had Rin Nok, Ko Pha Ngan

While some would say the infamous Maya Bay beach from Leo Dicaprio’s The Beach would have to top the list of Thai islands, Ko Pha Ngan is a wild paradise for party lovers: It hosts notorious full-moon and trance parties.

10. Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island

This Australian beach is absolute perfection. Go out for a surf, try snorkeling, or sit and watch the adventurous Aussie hotties traipse past your sunnies.
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