Yikes! 5 Freaky Situations That Travel Insurance Has Actually Covered

Yikes! 5 Freaky Situations That Travel Insurance Has Actually Covered

Because it could happen to any of us (maybe).

By Ko Im

Lots of crazy good things can happen when you embark on an adventure, as the folks at Tour Group know quite well. But with travel, there's always the chance that accidents can happen too. And when bad things befall travelers, they can range from simple inconveniences to downright bonkers trip killers.

Well-known insurance provider World Nomads has seen it all when it comes to travel mishaps. We asked the team there to share real-life claims — and their accompanying horror stories — that the company has actually covered so that travelers could get appropriate care in emergency situations that happened abroad.

Read and weep (and think, "Better that poor sucker than me.")

1. Zip-Lining Mishap

Sure, we all want to go weeeeeeeeee and feel carefree on vacayBut a 25-year-old woman zip-lining through Laos learned how a carefree moment can turn into an epic nightmare. She had her line snap (yikes) and lodge into her thigh (double yikes), and had to undergo surgery before returning home. 

2. Hidden Danger

A man skied over a rock covered by snow. He fractured a vertebrae and needed medical evacuation to see a neurosurgeon in France... followed by four weeks in intensive care. 

3. Serious Sickness

A man was hospitalized after contracting dengue fever in Bolivia. His symptoms included a massive headache, a freezing body (even though it was hot outside), and severely chattering teeth... which cost him his tongue. 

4. Not-So-Sexy Time

A man was just about to have sex with his girlfriend when somehow his frenulum split near the base. Turned out he needed a frenulectomy to give the body part enough slack to heal.

5. Passport Problems

The passport is the bible for world travelers. But a 24-year-old woman got her book soaked while she was in flight over Calgary, and found herself in a precarious immigration situation. Turns out the airplane was leaking air conditioner water!

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