Girlfriends Travel Guide: 5 Vacations Perfect For Newly Divorced Women

Girlfriends Travel Guide: 5 Vacations Perfect For Newly Divorced Women

Set out for inspiration, restoration, pampering... and maybe a dose of dancing in the streets.

By Elizabeth Seward
Maybe you saw your divorce coming from a mile away and your most prominent emotion now that you’re officially donezo is relief. Maybe you were blindsided and you’re still grieving the loss of your marriage. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Regardless of how you feel about the split, taking your first trip as a newly minted divorcee is an important move that will help you to heal and jumpstart your new life. So, while you're indulging in uncontested control of the remote and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce on TV, get to planning your next travel move.
An amazing post-marriage vacation will remind you of who you are in other places without your ex and thrust an empowering sense of autonomy toward you. With that said, certain types of destinations are more appealing to divorced women than others for a reason: A college spring break nightclub zone probably isn’t your bag these days, just as a family-centric resort won’t exactly do the trick. 

If you want something that will stimulate your soul, pamper your body, reset your mind, and heal your heart, look no further then these five ideas.

1. Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

In the middle of the Caribbean off of the coast of Nicaragua sits Little Corn Island. Little, indeed, the entire island takes up only 1.1 square mile. You can wrap yourself up in its white sandy beaches while transitioning into your new self and life at Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa. This eco-friendly resort not only offers beachfront cabanas, but it includes daily meditation and yoga classes in the rate, as well. For a little extra, you can indulge in a beachside spa treatment that uses vegetables, fruits, and spices grown in the organic garden on the property. Yemaya offers a variety of planned retreats and their chefs are trained in providing everything from vegan to gluten-free food. This faraway place is built for expediting restorative health. 

2. Tulum, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most magical places where a woman can shake out the baggage of divorce. It’s beautiful above ground, sure — sparkling beaches, vivid sunsets, fresh Mexican food, friendly locals, ridiculously thorough all-inclusive resorts — but what makes the Yucatan so special are the cenotes; these are naturally occurring sinkholes created by the collapse of a cave ceiling, often filled with glistening water. With more than 30,000 estimated cenotes in the region, a person can really lose and find oneself simultaneously while darting from one gorgeous underground wonderland to the next. Consider staying at the adults-only all-inclusive resort Kore Tulum, where you’ll be pampered around-the-clock while on the property, but be sure to get away for a few different cenote swimming excursions. 

3. Bali, Indonesia


The word "Bali" rolls off the lips of world travelers like sweet candy because it’s synonymous with paradise. And what better way to part ways with a lover than to take the first ticket to paradise you can snatch up? Pack your bags and head to Fivelements. You’ll be treated to a comprehensive wellness program that will include plant-based gourmet and fresh food, healing rituals, journeys, and ceremonies, spiritual spa experiences, and an overall palate and soul-cleansing detox that will brighten your face and lighten your emotional load. 

4. Hopkins, Belize

Set sail for a picturesque beach vacation to Belize alongside other women also looking to reset via Reset Retreats. These retreats are wellness and adventure trips that are tailored toward groups of women. Daily life coaching, plenty of yoga, and sisterhood are all part of the common thread from one Reset Retreat to another. The next one will take the participants to Hopkins, Belize in February 2016. 

5. New Orleans, U.S.A.


New Orleans is a city of soul – soul food, soul music, and soul-strengthening people and experiences. This is a city that bursts at its seams with energizing sound, the kind that makes you dance whether or not you want to. But let’s get one thing straight: You don’t go to New Orleans to detox. You go to New Orleans to indulge, to dress up and parade your alter ego around, to taste all that is scrumptious, and to be a better and fuller person on the other side of all of it. Stay wherever you like in New Orleans because it hardly matters — if you’re doing New Orleans right, you’ll be dancing in the streets 90 percent of the time. 
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