6 Celebs Who Travel the World With Their Pups

6 Celebs Who Travel the World With Their Pups

These pampered pooches jet set in the same luxe style as their pet parents.

It should come as little surprise that Hollywood's pups travel in the same level of luxury as their celeb owners. After all, they're members of the family! Check out the celebrities who take their pups along for the ride when they travel.

1. Andy Cohen and Wacha

Bravo's very own Andy Cohen is having a self-admitted love affair with his dog, Wacha, and we can't blame him. (Look at that face!) Even though Cohen adopted the mixed beagle-foxhound from a shelter in West Virginia, he says adoringly that Wacha is the one who saved him. When it comes to weekend getaways to East Hampton, Cohen packs light and always brings Wacha along for the ride. 

2. Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy

Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules are no strangers to Giggy, a petite Pomeranian with a flair for glitter and gold. Giggy is treated like a member of the family (perhaps even like a member of the royal family) and recently traveled with Lisa and Ken to St. Tropez via helicopter from Nice. His delicate paws rarely touch the ground; instead, he fits comfortably inside Lisa's carry-on tote. 


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3. Miranda Kerr and Frankie

Wherever Miranda goes, Frankie is right behind. Whether jetting to Paris for the weekend or accompanying Kerr on the set of a photo shoot, the Yorkshire Terrier is never far from view. Cross-country flights from Los Angeles to New York are the the norm for Frankie, and Kerr even has a specially-designed shoulder bag to transport her in style. 


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4. Olivia Palermo and Mr. Butler

Of all the stylish dogs in New York, Mr. Butler is in a rarefied category. After all, he does spend his days with trendsetter Olivia Palermo and clearly, her fashion sense is rubbing off on her best-dressed bestie. Mr. Butler is a celebrity in his own right, posing alongside Palermo in many Instagram posts and on her blog. She brings him on as many trips as she can — and often they simply stroll close to home.

5. Lady Gaga and Asia

Miss Asia Kinney, a.k.a BatPig, is the French Bulldog who pals around with Lady Gaga... and even has professional modeling credits on her resume! As well, she's the inspiration behind Gaga's upcoming pet fashion and accessories line, and the two regularly play dress up and travel together.

6. Ian Somerhalder and Ira

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are like a modern day Brady Bunch when you factor in all their pets. The animal-loving couple have four dogs, three cats, and two horses. Their German Shepherd, Ira, often joins Somerhalder in Atlanta while he films The Vampire Diaries. Atlanta is a special place for another of his dogs, Nietzsche, who gave birth to puppies there in 2013. 

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