9 Luxurious Products for the Jet-Setting Dog

9 Luxurious Products for the Jet-Setting Dog

This one's for you, Giggy.

When Bravolebs and other stars travel the world with their dogs, it's first class all the way. If you, too, are in the category of folks who'd never dream of putting your pup in coach while you sip champers up front — and what kind of a monster would do that?! — set your gaze on these high-end items perfect for on-the-go hounds. 

1. Ibiyaya Pet Stroller: $320

For many parents of babies and young toddlers, a stroller is an absolute necessity. Getting through an airport without one is akin to straight-up masochism, so it makes sense that dog owners might have similar feelings. Fortunately, the Ibiyaya Pet Stroller can help pet parents stroll through security lines with ease. Push the pup when that’s most convenient, and then quickly collapse the device to a compact size when it’s time to check it. 

2. Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier: $2,690

Handheld dog carriers are often the go-to when taking your dog with you shopping or anywhere else where a leashed dog isn’t the best option. These types of situations pop up frequently during travel, so why not make sure the dog carrier you’re using is up to the standard of the rest of your travel gear? Keep it classy with the Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier.

3. Versace Barocco Pet Bowl: $754

Where a dog goes, so should his bowl: After all, eating is the most fundamental fact of dog life. The Versace Barocco Pet Bowl has fine details, like the 22-karat gold used in the ornate design. 

4. Envero Jewelry Personalized Dog Collar Charm: $190

No pampered pooch's collar is truly complete unless it's outfitted with a diamond charm, are we right? This 14-karat diamond charm for your buddy’s collar can be personalized with her initial. 

5. Geodog Dog Tracker: $378

Unlike so many trendy tracking devices that aren’t really designed for severe wear and tear from usage by an actual dog, the Geodog is a collar and tracker in one that is meant for the job of keeping your pooch safe and your anxiety levels down. It syncs with your phone to let you know where your dog is in real time. 

6. Coach Puffer Dog Coat: $228

If it’s chilly where you’re going, keep your dog snuggled up in the warmth of this Coach puffer coat, designed specifically for his body shape. As if the plush puffer outer weren’t enough coziness, this coat comes with a removable shearling fur trim. 

7. Dean and Tyler Braided Dog Leash: $261

Traveling with your dog means keeping your best friend close — and a leash is the easiest way to do that. (Oh, and not to mention that you can’t legally walk your dog in most places without one). Raise the bar with this Dean and Tyler braided dog leash. It’s made from hand-stitched leather and solid brass metal components. 

8. Chris Christensen Dog Brush: $65

You wouldn’t travel without a hairbrush, would you? So don’t travel without a brush for your dog’s hair, either! This top-notch dog brush from Chris Christensen will help you to make sure that your travel buddy stays as glam as you do.

9. Amour Amour Diamond Dog Collar: $3.2 Million

OK, this one's just for fun: The world’s most expensive dog collar — as far as we know — is the Amour Amour Diamond Dog Collar. With 1,600 diamonds and a seven-carat stone at the center, this dog collar probably isn’t for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. No, indeed it's best suited for little dogs that spend a whole lot of time in laps as they cruise around the world in private jets or in first-class cabins!

For even more adorable animals, be sure to check out The Secret Life of Pets in theaters July 8.

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