Awkward! Airline Mistakenly Books Strangers Into S&M Sex Hotel After Flight Delay

Awkward! Airline Mistakenly Books Strangers Into S&M Sex Hotel After Flight Delay

Now that's one way to spice up Valentine's Day.

Let’s say your flight is delayed and the airline comps you a hotel room overnight for your troubles. Sometimes the situation isn’t that bad: It’s a free room, and maybe it’s an adventure, right? Well, two Chinese women found out just how much of an adventure such a situation could actually be. 

In what probably couldn’t have been a more ridiculous turn of events, the two women who were strangers received a comp for a shared hotel room when their flight on Hainan Airlines from Chongqing to Hangzhou was delayed overnight because of bad weather. 

When the women arrived to their hotel room, they were — apparently — mortified to find that they had been booked into one of those sketchy by-the-hour hook-up hotels. To add suggestive insult to injury, their room’s amenities included sex chairs, cuffs for ankles and wrists, chains, and a pretty disgusting-looking carpet/bedding/wallpaper combo. 

You might be wondering how this could have possibly happened. Why couldn’t the airline just book the passengers into a standard airport hotel? As it turns out, Valentine’s Day was the culprit.

“The passengers were delayed due to bad weather, and all the hotels were booked out because of Valentine’s Day,” read a statement from the airline, as reported by Daily Mail.

It went on: “Our hotel-booking representative couldn’t secure any room and did not research what a ‘themed suite’ means.” Oh, indeed: That much is clear. 

The airline apologized and resolved the issue once it was made aware of it via social media. 

While it might have seemed like a missed opportunity for these folks to embrace the inevitable humor associated with travel, imagine how exhausting traveling without a flight delay is. Throw in the extra fatigue that comes from a delayed flight and the inconvenience that comes with having to check into a hotel rather than land in your final destination (and go through security all over again the next day). And then imagine that when you finally do get through baggage claim and the taxi line and proceed to show up to your hotel room... you find that it’s not only a dedicated bondage room that you’re supposed to share with a complete stranger, but that it’s an incredibly gross bondage room to boot. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, are we right?!

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