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Amy Schumer Just Paid a Stranger Back for a Favor in the Biggest Way

Be nice to people, they might be famous.

By Aimée Lutkin
Amy Schumer Really Wants to Be a Real Housewife

Everyone loves celebrity stories where a celebrated actor or actress goes to a restaurant, has a fancy meal, and then leaves some insane tip for the servers. It makes us happy to think that famous people get how much money they have in comparison to all the norms, with regular jobs, and that they will be generous with their earnings. Well, Amy Schumer just blew every single one of those stories out of the water.

A woman named Sagine Lazarre told WGNTV that she was in her Chicago mattress store last Thursday, where she works as a salesperson. A blonde woman who was jogging in the neighborhood came in and asked to use the restroom, and Lazarre agreed. When she came out, the woman asked Lazarre which mattress was her favorite in the whole store.

“I told her,” says Lazarre, “She told me she wanted to buy it for me. And I was was so shocked!”

Lazarre says she wondered if the whole thing was a set up. She said the woman had told her that she often comes to Chicago to see friends and that works as a comedian and actress. When Lazarre ran the card for her new mattress the name on it was “Amy Schumer.”

How much was that mattress? Two. Thousand. Dollars. Who knew you could even buy something that expensive to lay down on?

“After she left,” says Lazarre, “I Googled her name. The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer. It was amazing. Unbelievable.”

Amy Schumer’s PR didn’t respond to a request from WGNTV about her alleged mattress purchase, so it’s possible that a Amy lookalike is out there, trying to build up Amy’s reputation. Either way, always let people use the bathroom. It's rough out there.

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