What's It Like to Live Next Door to Andy Cohen?

What's It Like to Live Next Door to Andy Cohen?

His real-life neighbor Sally Field revealed all on #WWHL.

By Laura Rosenfeld

You may think that living next door to Andy Cohen would be the most amazing thing in the world. Well, we're sure it is, but in some ways, it's also just like living next door to anyone, according to Sally Field. 

How would the two-time Academy Award winner know that, you ask? Well, she and Andy are actually next door neighbors in New York's West Village. Thankfully, Sally answered every question you've ever wanted to know about what it's like to be Andy's neighbor during Monday night's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

Andy's "most annoying habit" is his need to revamp his apartment, according to Sally. "Well, that could go back for a while when you were doing that massive construction that went on for 18, 19 years," she joked.

Yes, Andy actually does take out his own garbage like the rest of us — and not in a suit, either. "I have seen you taking the garbage out, but we're always glad to see each other in our pajamas and slippers and things," Sally said. 

Sally also admitted that she can't help but overhear Andy's phone conversations. "Many times I hear you on the phone yakkety, yakkety, yakkety," she revealed. "I kind of lean in, is this a good conversation or a bad one?" 

And when Andy's beloved dog Wacha barks, Sally isn't afraid to serve it right back at him. "I'm coming home from the theater late at night, and there will be bark, bark, bark," Sally said. "And so I make it worse because I stand at the door and go, woof, woof, woof. And then he goes completely berserk." 

Hey, Andy and Sally, any chance we could score an invite over? 

Check out more fun times with Andy and Sally, below.

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