Andy Cohen on His Dog Wacha: 'We Are in Love'

Andy Cohen on His Dog Wacha: 'We Are in Love'

The proud owner also reveals his dog's pack of famous canine pals.

By Sarv Kreindler

Andy Cohen had never had a pet until just this past October. But when he adopted rescue dog Wacha, the furry friend practically won him over at first sight.

"I saw this dog on, and he was looking at me," Andy tells St. Louis Post-Dispatch of that fateful day. "I’m a big fan of Snoopy, and I’d kind of wanted a beagle, and this dog was a beagle mix. He just struck me. I couldn’t stop looking at him."

Taking the pup on a trial first date, Andy says he almost got cold feet. "I met with him, and it pinged every commitment issue I have," he admits. "He was bigger than I thought he would be; he weighs about 40 pounds. He just seemed to be way more dog than I was prepared for."

But soon Wacha's tenacious attitude and mellow temperament got Andy to fall head over heels. "He was trying so hard. At that point I knew, you are mine. He’s lovely and lovable," Andy says. "We are in love."

Wacha also has some pretty high-flying canine pals to brag of. "I got my dog walker from Sarah Jessica Parker. Wacha’s doggy companions are her dog, Kissy Broderick, and Neville Jacobs, who belongs to Marc Jacobs," Andy says. "From a shelter in West Virginia, now he’s prancing around in Central Park with fancy dogs.”

This weekend, Andy will show off his love to his hometown of St. Louis: he's acting as grand marshal for Sunday's Beggin' Pet Parade.

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