Andy Cohen Reveals His Most Awkward Date

Andy Cohen Reveals His Most Awkward Date

Even beloved television hosts have encounters with cute, lying "douchebags."

By Sarv Kreindler

Would you believe Andy Cohen was once abandoned in the middle of a date?

It's true: the Watch What Happens Live host (and recently ordained minister!) reveals his most awkward date in the latest episode of Ask Andy. Watch below!

Apparently the suitor in question told Andy that he had to visit a friend in a hospital—at 9:30 PM, well after visiting hours. After Andy called him out on the lie, he changed his story: the date needed to go comfort a friend going through a break-up.

But the truth finally came out when Andy saw the date's Facebook update later on and realized that instead of romancing Andy, he had decided to go to "some big gay party." (Of course, that begs the question: if you are going to some "big gay party," why on Cher's green earth would you not want Andy Cohen as your date?)

Andy rightly concludes that his date was "such a douchebag," before admitting, "he was kind of cute though, unfortunately."

Ain't it always the case?

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