Andy Cohen Shares His Morning Routine

Andy Cohen Shares His Morning Routine

The 'WWHL' host gives you a peek into how his day gets started.


By Jordan Upmalis

Andy Cohen is a busy man. The fearless leader of Watch What Happens Live, host and producer of all things Housewives, bestselling author, and newly appointed Sirius Satellite Radio channel boss has no shortage of responsibilities.

And although he spends most nights out late either working or playing, morning is where the real magic happens. Mostly thanks to his beloved pooch, Wacha.

”I’m not typically a morning person—my dog has made me more of a morning person,” he tells TODAY. “My dog is great in that he sleeps with me and he doesn’t get out of bed until I do, so he’s very sweet. He lets me sleep as long as I want. I usually wake up around 8:30 or 9 am.”

After a cup of English breakfast tea and some “me time” with the newspaper, Andy hits the streets—something Wacha has made him very grateful for. “The dog motivates me to get fresh air because he’s gotta go out,” he explains. “But I’ve actually come to really like it. People say to me, ‘You’re going to have to take your dog out in the morning. It’s so horrible!’ But I actually enjoy it. It gets me out and gets me into the day.”

Once he gets some work done, it’s off to the gym—and he takes it very seriously. “I may have to do some stuff on the phone first, but my first hard commitment is working out at noon,” he says. “I work out for about an hour with a trainer.”

Though Andy’s topped many a best dressed list, he admits that his morning leaves much to be desired. “What I wear in the morning is so bad!” he admits. “It’s always kind of sweats and a sweatshirt, Uggs, whatever is easiest to get on to get Wacha outside.

Until he gets out the door though, he’s not making any best dressed lists. Because, well, he’s not dressed at all. “I have very little clothes on until I leave to walk the dog.”

[Source: The Today Show]

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