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Andy Cohen's Revealing Week

From kissing Lance Bass to dissing Oprah, his 5 biggest surprises.

Lance Bass and Andy Cohen

Normally it's Andy Cohen asking the blush-inducing embarrassing questions on Watch What Happens Live, but while promoting his new book Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture, it was Andy himself who was the one revealing things the public had never before known about the Bravo exec.

Here's some of our favorite things we learned about Andy this week, both from interviews and from stories he tells in Most Talkative:

He Made Out With Lance Bass: During an appearance on Wendy Williams' show, Andy was forced to Plead the Fifth like his WWHL guests, and Wendy didn't pull any punches with her first question: What celebrity would Andy fans be shocked to hear he made out with. With a belly laugh and minimal hesitation, Andy 'fessed up. "Lance Bass. Sorry, Lance Bass."

He Duped Oprah Winfrey: While with Wendy, Andy also told his tale about how during his days of being a hungry news producer, he once pulled a fast one on Oprah. While the television queen was doing an interview at CBS News, Andy hoped she'd answer a few questions for a segment he was working on about talk show queens. O's people "politely declined" according to Andy, but that didn't stop him from figuring out how to make it happen. "I just told Paula Zahn and the control room to just keep rolling the tape and go into the second interview. I lied to Oprah! Her publicist in the green room was like 'What's going on?'" Andy said of the incident. And that wasn't the end of it. "Oprah leaves, I go back to my desk, the phone rings -- "Andrew? It's Oprah.'So all of a sudden I turn into this huge fan like "Oh my god, Oprah's calling me!" Like I didn't jus tmeet her and play a trick on her. ... In her all forgiving way, she let us air the separate interview, but that was strike one with Oprah -- there are two more incidents."

He Ran a Pushcart in College: Once a hustler, always a hustler? Andy admits in the book that while in college at Boston University, he took to the streets for some extra cash. "I ran a pushcart in Faneuil Hall selling Deadhead gear, Mexican blankets, Baja pullovers, and little woven bracelets." At one point, one dubious fellow came up to Andy's cart and offered him a sweet deal: If Andy coughed up $450, the man would return with an ounce of marijuana. Andy forked over the money, and shockingly, he never saw the man again.

He Talked About His Mom Incessantly During His First Big Interview: Andy's been very open about his first big "get" as a college newspaper writer, landing an interview with his idol Susan Lucci. But when listening to the audio recording of the interview, Andy discovered something he didn't realize at the time. "What I won’t know until years later when I re-listen to the interview — yes, I recorded every word — is that I interrupt her every answer to tell her what my mother and I think will happen. In fact, I talk about my mother constantly. Thank God, I got over THAT! My mother would hate it." Another little nugget from this book passage: Andy hates beans of all sorts.

He Really Wants a Boyfriend: In a candid interview with Parade featuring both Andy and his mom Evelyn, Andy admits that he's achieved great success in his career, but there's still one thing missing. "I would like a boyfriend. I'm a very happy person and it is the final, final piece of the puzzle. I'm looking for that shout-it-out-from-the-mountaintops, fall-in-love person."

Want to know what the other two are? Pick up a copy of Most Talkative to find out for yourself.

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