Shep Rose and Landon Clements Reveal Where Things Stand with Kathryn C. Dennis Now

Shep Rose and Landon Clements Reveal Where Things Stand with Kathryn C. Dennis Now

Have things changed for the #SouthernCharm stars since that "Shepic" roller derby party? 

By Laura Rosenfeld

Shep Rose wasn't exactly feeling groovy at his '70s roller disco-themed birthday party during Monday night's episode of Southern Charm. Not only did he say that he has never been roller skating, but the venue was also dry, which was a big no-no for him, especially on his big day. 

However, Landon Clements, who organized Shep's soiree, is sticking by her party planning skills. "I didn't know it was [a] dry [venue]. That was a big blunder," Landon told The Daily Dish on the red carpet of the Below Deck Mediterranean premiere party last week. "I just thought it'd be fun to get everyone together. He was born in the '70s. A roller disco seemed apropos." 

But Shep wasn't really buying that. "Bullsh**. She had a pair of vintage roller skates she just wanted to trot out. That's it," Shep joked in response on the Below Deck Mediterranean premiere party red carpet. 

To that, Landon acquiesced. "That might have been a little bit of it," she said. "It was the worst party I've ever thrown. [Laughs]."

But at least we got to see Landon, Shep, and the rest of the Charmers in some far out threads during the shindig. Landon and Shep both loved seeing Whitney Sudler-Smith rock a pair of roller skates. "It was great fun seeing Whitney on rollerskates," Shep said. "It just pains him so much." 

Of course, it wasn't all fun and games during the fête. There was some major tension between Landon and Shep after Kathryn C. Dennis said she wasn't invited to the party. Landon still seems to feel pretty much the same way about Kathryn as she did during the episode. "I mean, to be honest, we don't have a relationship," she said. "I don't see her or speak to her."


Though Shep was sympathetic toward Kathryn during Monday night's episode of Southern Charm, he said he isn't very close to her these days, especially after a recent unpleasant interaction at his house where she complained about the toppings on a frozen pizza he made. "She usually behaves herself around me, but I don't even know, man. I don't talk to her," he said. "I wish her all the best, and I wish her babies all the best, but too much volatility for me. My life is super simple. I just go to the beach and drink beer and text people."

It looks like other relationships will be put to the test in next Monday night's new episode of Southern Charm. Sneak a peek at how it'll unfold, below. 

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