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Are You Sabotaging Your Relationship?

Patti Stanger's don't-even-think-about-it list.

By Lauren Metz

Behold, love master Patti Stanger's seven deadly relationship sins. First up? Don't expect your significant other to be a mind reader.

"Why isn't he doing exactly what you want? My guess is that he doesn't know exactly what you want because you didn't tell him," our Millionaire Matchmaker writes on "Instead, you assumed he should know. Ladies, unless you're dating a psychic, the only way your men are going to know what makes you happy is if you tell them."

Next, don't get overly Mrs.-happy. "Girl, you've got to pump the brakes. Those things will only come if your relationship lasts, and if you turn every date night into a pressure-filled conversation about your five year plan, that ain't gonna happen," warns the love pro.

Now, avoid badgering your dude about his annoying habits, awful taste in music, horrific cooking skills, blah, blah, and quit running your mouth about every detail of your relationship to your bestie. "Your guy needs to be able to trust you completely and know you won't tell all of your girls his personal secrets," explains P.

Finally, let your guy know you're thinking about him once a day and once a week keep that passion alive. "My rule is to hit the sheets (or the kitchen table, or the living room floor, wherever's clever for you two) at least once a week," Patti stresses. "Once a week. No exceptions."

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