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Bachelor in Paradise Premieres With Controversial Couple Acting Like Angelina and Brad "Before the Divorce"

Viewers get to see Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson's meet and greet before production is suspended.

By Tamara Palmer
Dish in the Dark, ‘Bachelor’ Edition!

The season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise has revealed the moment that production shut down to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct between castmates Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, as well as their meeting and becoming amorous in the first half hour of filming.

“I personally am not ready to settle down,” Corinne told host Chris Harrison when he greeted her at the entrance to the Puerto Vallarta resort where filming took place. “I’m not rushing to find someone," she insisted. "I’m not going to jump on the first guy that shows me a little bit of attention. If you want to have this, you have to work real hard.”

Shortly after adding in an interview that men have to make the first move with her, Corinne is shown jumping into DeMario's arms after finding out that he, too, is from New Jersey.

DeMario came in already wanting to meet her, he admitted. "Why not get to know the cream of the crop? I wanted Corinne since day one, and I want to get to know Corinne, like, right now," he said. Later, he ties her long hair into a knot for her and wraps his arms around her, declaring that they are like "Angelina and Brad before the divorce."

Corinne leads DeMario to the pool and jumps in, fully clothed. As they start playing around in the water, another contestant starts narrating for the cameras. "They look like they're enjoying each other's company," says Alex Woytikw. "They look like they're clicking, if that's the word that us young folk are using these days... They are forging a relationship," he teases. "They look like they have a connection. This is 30 minutes into Paradise and it's already going down."

Alex is dumbfounded and bemused, and the sight reminds him of a classic 80's love scene. "They are having a one-on-one Top Gun moment in the pool," he says. "I don't really stand around and watch people do this, but when in Paradise, you commentate!"

By the next day, Corinne and DeMario appear to be pursuing other people without explanation. After dark, they're briefly seen at the bar. "You're genuinely, like, cool," says DeMario.

"We're homies," replies Corinne.

They're later individually called into meetings with producers, and cameras are ordered to stop filming.

Neither Corinne nor DeMario returned to film the rest of the series once the sexual misconduct investigation was cleared, but each has confirmed that they will be interviewed for the reunion special. The second part of the two-night Bachelor in Paradise premiere continues Tuesday.

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