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The Daily Dish Below Deck Down Under

Jamie Sayed Once Had an Awkward Moment with Marcos Spaziani While Working Together on a Yacht

The Below Deck Down Under bosun revealed his connection to the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Marcos Spaziani Looks Back on the Season

Giving some, shall we say, constructive feedback to a yacht chef can be risky, as we’ve seen on all the Below Deck series over the years. Jamie Sayed had his own experience with that even before Below Deck Down Under — and it involved someone very familiar to Below Deck fans.

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In an interview with The Daily Dish in May, Jamie recalled once working on the same boat as Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef Marcos Spaziani. “I met him when I was green, actually, here in West Palm [Beach]. We picked up charter, we went straight to the Bahamas for my first charter, and he was the chef on there,” Jamie said. “And that’s where we kicked it off pretty, pretty early on.”

Things got off to a bit of a rough start when Jamie had a request for the chef after Marcos had prepared dinner for the crew. “We were all sitting in the crew mess and he made this crew food. We’re on [a] hectic charter, he’s busy, as the chefs are, and there was this roast dinner,” Jamie said. “Just a comment to the guys, I’m like, ‘Oh, is there gravy here?’ And they just sort of looked at me. This bosun, he’s like, ‘Oh, maybe the chef has it. Go and ask him.’”

So Jamie went over to Marcos and asked if he had any gravy to accompany the roast dinner. “And he just looks at me with, like, death [laughs]. And he’s like, ‘You know how busy I am right now, like, I’ve got this and that, I’m trying to cook for the guests and this and that. Are you asking me for gravy?’ I’m like, ‘Whoa,’” Jamie recalled. “And the bosun comes around and he’s like, ‘No, no, it was a joke. We stitched him up. We set him up to say that,’ you know. So that’s how we became friends.”

Jamie remembered one afternoon in particular where he and Marcos really opened up to each other and connected. “So we sort of became close and stayed close from then on,” he said. “We lost touch for a little bit but reconnected, and I stayed at his place just recently, went to his restaurant, bar, and stuff like that. It was really cool to check out.”

Marcos posted a photo of his reunion with Jamie on Instagram on March 1, sharing that he was “so happy” to see his “old friend” in Los Angeles.

The chef encouraged his Instagram followers to check Jamie out on Below Deck Down Under, and Jamie similarly told The Daily Dish that he kept up with Marcos’ adventures in Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. “I’m pretty busy, but yeah, when I can, I will check him out and have a laugh,” Jamie said. “And, you know, he’s good. He’s a really solid chef. He knows his s--t. He knows what’s going on. And he’s really personable as well.”

Jamie said Marcos was every bit as lovable when they worked together as he is on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. “I remember back in the day, he would come out, pretty much every charter guest, he would come out and just be talking, talking the talk with the guests. Just making them laugh. He just always made them laugh. They loved him,” Jamie shared. “It was good. He’s a good chef. He’s funny, personable, and likes to get the party started.”

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