Does Conrad Empson Regret Hooking Up with Hannah Ferrier? It's Complicated...

Does Conrad Empson Regret Hooking Up with Hannah Ferrier? It's Complicated...

There's apparently a "drunk shag" to come this season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

By Laura Rosenfeld

We have to admit: We've loved watching romance bloom between Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson this season of Below Deck Mediterranean. We didn't think the chief stew and bosun could get any cuter, but put 'em together, and our hearts are instantly melting. 

But of course, we now know that Hannah and Conrad's relationship hasn't exactly been a pleasure cruise this season. From their drama with João Franco adding to the tension between them to that 50 Euro fight, it really has been challenging for Hannah and Conrad's relationship to stay afloat (pun most definitely intended). So you have to wonder: Do Hannah and Conrad at all regret getting together in the first place? 

We caught up with the entire Below Deck Mediterranean crew behind the scenes at the filming of the Season 3 reunion and asked all of the yachties to spill on their regrets from the season. As for Conrad, his one main regret had something to do with hooking up with Hannah, but it's not like he would do anything differently if he could go back and do it all over again, either. We'll just let the bosun explain in the video, above.

And as for Hannah, she teased a "drunk shag" coming up later on this season that makes her cringe just thinking about it. Ooooh, tell us more, Hannah! 

Press play on the above clip to find out what João, Brooke Laughton, Kasey Cohen, Colin Macy-O'Toole, Jamie Jason, and Adam Glick all wish they could do over this season. 

This season of Below Deck Med isn't over yet! Get ready for an all-new episode Tuesday at 9/8c by checking out the preview, below. 

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