Taylor Spellman Spills All of Her Design Secrets

Taylor Spellman Spills All of Her Design Secrets

Find out the #YoursMineOurs designer's best tips for redecorating your own home.

By Laura Rosenfeld

When it comes to interior design, there's no one more skilled than Taylor Spellman. It takes some serious talent to merge two disparate styles into one cohesive and fabulous home aesthetic, as we'll see Taylor expertly do this season of Yours, Mine, or Ours. 

Not only are you sure to learn a ton of tips from Taylor in the new Bravo series, but she also just spilled many of her design secrets on Fab.com. For one thing, Taylor says the biggest mistake people make while redecorating their homes is "not trusting your gut." "A lot of clients say, 'I don’t know what to do, I don’t really have a style.' The fact is, we all know what to do. Some of us just have to dig a little deeper to find it," she tells Fab.com. "When scrolling through Instagram you will know (for whatever reason) what hits you. 'Wow! I love this.' – Just follow that lead. If you save a couple photos of things you like you will see the connection and there…is your style. Trust that instinct." 

We wouldn't be surprised if that, as well as the rest of Taylor's enlightening advice on interior design, totally changes your approach to redecorating your own home. To find out more of Taylor's best interior design tips — from the rules (or lack thereof) of design to the impact of paint to the power of pillows — head on over to Fab.com. 

Be sure to tune in to Yours, Mine, or Ours every Monday at 10/9c. Learn more interior design tips from Taylor, below.

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