Bethenny: 'I Love My Husband'

Bethenny: 'I Love My Husband'

And, no, he's not living in a hotel.

By Lauren Metz

If you believe everything you read, the sky is falling for Bethenny Frankel. Jason's fed up! The marriage is on the rocks! Did we miss anything?

"The press: what can I say about them? In this business they are a necessary evil," Bethenny writes in her blog addressing the recent mud-slinging about her relationship. "I actually thought that if it was printed, then it had to be true. The sad fact is that it isn't necessarily true at all."

Bursting this latest gossip balloon, Bethenny assures everyone that her marital ups and downs are nothing worth buzzing about. "I'm married to a man who is there for you through thick and thin and who really loves and accepts me for who I am. It isn't perfect, and there will always be crappy times, but we work on it every day. It's who we are. It's what we do, and I can't compare it to anyone else." The Skinnygirl adds, "You never know what goes on behind closed doors. I've just chosen to open up mine to you."

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Need more convincing that Bethenny still enjoys waking up to Jason (and his mouthguard)? "I love my husband and my family. Relationships may not have always been my strong point, but I am dedicated to my marriage," she says. "This week I celebrate my second wedding anniversary which I am so proud of. I work on being a mother, I work on being a wife, I work on being a good friend and employer, and I work on being a success in business. If all of this comes easy to someone else than more power to them."

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