Boo the Dog Is a Sham (Sorta) -- Show Your Love to Giggy!

Boo the Dog Is a Sham (Sorta) -- Show Your Love to Giggy!

Three cheers for the most legitimate celebrity Pomeranian out there.

By Mike Hess

Internet dog lovers across the planet were smacked on the nose with a story revealing that the owner of the infamous Boo the Dog is actually a Facebook employee, hence leading to the sudden viral fame of the Pomeranian. And while Boo certainly shouldn't be blamed for the mess that was left on the internet's rug, you can rejoice, because the best celebrity Pomeranian -- Giggy Vanderpump -- is now top dog (last dog pun, we swear).

Whether or not Boo's owner gamed the system is still undetermined. One thing that's for sure is Giggy got to where he is on pure cuteness-laziness-wardrobe. Boo might have a better afro, but Giggy's got smoking jackets, robes, sweaters and Lisa Vanderpump -- super-fabulous mom with a TV show, so there! But enough talk, just get Giggy with it by diving into the photo gallery below ... just click on Santa Giggy and nuzzle up to the real Pom King!

Giggy the Pom

Giggy's Gettin' Ready For Summer
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