Brandi Glanville Offers $10K Reward for Lost Dog

Brandi Glanville Offers $10K Reward for Lost Dog

Don't worry -- she got a new dog in the meantime.

By Nicki Gostin

Brandi Glanville was devistated (her tweet, not ours) when one of her dogs, Chica, was dognapped from her Bel Air home a few days ago. The Beverly Hills Housewife took to (what else?) Twitter to beg for the chihuahua's safe return. She even offered a very generous $10,000 reward for Chica's return.

Unfortunately, Chica has not shown up yet, despite Brandi even setting up a special phone line, sooooo she took kids, Mason and Jake to get a new dog and even posted a photo of Mason giving the latest Glanville family member a cuddle. Brandi informed her followers that his name was Chico until Mason renamed him Chody.

Not only is Brandi dealing with searching for her beloved missing dog, she's also a wee bit frustrated with one of her neighbors who she claims keeps taking down her missing dog signs.

One nice thing may have come from this horrid ordeal, however. LeAnn Rimes tweeted her own fans to help Brandi for Chica. Let's hope Chica is returned home safely and speedily!

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