Brandi Glanville on her New Year's Vegas Wedding

Brandi Glanville on her New Year's Vegas Wedding

"I'm gonna make mistakes, but I always learn from them," RHOBH star says.

By Colleen Werthmann

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or at the Iowa caucuses for the last few days, chances are you heard The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville got "married" in Vegas on New Year's Eve to her dear old friend, mixed martial arts manager Darin Harvey -- but not really. 

Clearly Brandi's got some 'splainin' to do, which she gamely did to E! Online.  The blushing bride says, "We went through the motions but we're not legally married.  I kind of was just calling his bluff because I'm a little nutty!"

She continues, "For two years he's like, 'Will you marry me?' All right, finally, [while in Vegas] he was like, 'Will you marry me? Let's just do it! I was like, "All right.'"

Brandi's been addressing the whole thing on Twitter as well, initially tweeting out responses from "! I will get married for real when everyone in the world that wants to can!" to "Yes, I'm married get over it!"

Later, after a bit of reflection, she went further: "Its a new day & i've been reading all my replies & just wanna say I'm taking all ur comments seriously! Ringing in the new yr in Vegas w/ My gals & / BFF of many yrs @darinharvey was SO much fun & we got carried away by getting married! I didn't realize what we did wuld affect / Others so seriously!

"in my head I was just having fun w/ my best friend who I adore & has been there for me during all my tuff times! /I didnt mean to offend anyone! I beleive everyone shud be able to get married & maybe even embarass themselves in Vegas ;). This yr has been/ Great for me in many ways! Im gr8ful for all the ppl I met thru RHOBV. Bare w/ me, Im gonna make mistakes, but I always learn from them! Xob."

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