Captain Lee’s 6 Favorite Island Destinations

Captain Lee’s 6 Favorite Island Destinations

It may be all in a day's work for this seafaring pro, but he's not immune to wanderlust. 

By Ko Im
Traveling is all part of the job for Below Deck's Captain Lee Rosbach — but he has a bucket list, too. To inspire your seafaring travels, here are the captain's top faves and dream islands... all in his own words!

1. Turks and Caicos

"It’s still one of my favorites. When I was there, in 1987, there was a stretch of beach that ran for 13 miles and some days you’d see nobody. There wasn’t a lot of hotels. The beaches were so isolated and beautiful. Those spots like that are so rare today."

2. Antigua

"It’s one of those places that’s steeped heavily in British history. It’s still a British colony and wherever you go on the island, you’ll find remnants of old cannons. They still have old barracks they’ve converted into restaurants. Such a quaint place. You could spend a year there and not hit the same beach every day. There are 365 beaches there."

3. Bahamas and the Exumas

"The water there, in my estimation, is some of the most beautiful water anywhere in the world. It’s just gem-clear and there’s so much sea light there. They’ve separated a large part of it for national parks where it’s unspoiled, limited to pictures, snorkeling, and diving."

4. Fiji and Bora Bora

"It’s on my list. There’s a certain, seductive quality about French Polynesia I find extremely attractive. The lifestyle, the people, the diving — it’s just way over the top. And they still have different tribes where if you want to do something on an island, you have to send an 'ambassador,' if you will, to meet with the chief to get permission. I just love that sort of thing!"

5. Greek Islands


"Absolutely stunning. I’ve never taken a boat there; I’ve flown here. The Mediterranean is more of a trendy destination filled with all of the beautiful people. I must prefer off the beaten path. On board, we get five-star cooking all the time. [So on land] the first thing I look for is where do the locals go? I’m not interested in where Johnny Depp had dinner. That’s where I want to go: real, local, authentic cuisine."

6. Galapagos

"It’ll be worth the political aggravation to go there. To give you an example, they’ll charge $100 per person for anyone on a cruising boat and if you do anything, it has to be with one of their guides or naturalists so you make sure you’re not damaging anything. But you’ll see things there you only dream of. It’s stuff most travel writers, and I, have been dreaming of for years."
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