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Carl Radke Reveals the Six-Figure Cost He Paid After Canceling His & Lindsay's Wedding

The Summer House cast member revealed what he "took care of" financially after calling off his and engagement to Lindsay Hubbard. 

By Sophie Vilensky

When Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard called off their engagement last year, they were met with countless questions. Who made the decision to end things? What went wrong? And what would happen to their already-planned wedding?

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While we now have answers to those questions, during Part 1 of the Summer House Season 8 Reunion, which aired Thursday, June 6, some new information was brought to light. Carl revealed exactly how much it cost to call off the nuptials, which were set to take place in November 2023.

Carl Radke Paid "Over $125K" For His Canceled Wedding

Early on in the conversation, Carl revealed how "happy" Lindsay is now that the wedding is called off.

"You're happy now. Lindsay, you've been dating someone since January. You have the apartment. I paid half the rent for nine months. I've been courteous," he said. "I've done everything I've been legally bound to do. I also paid over $125,000 for the wedding. I took care of the apartment and the wedding. You did not."

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Lindsay rebutted that, because Carl was the one who canceled the wedding, this financial responsibility should have fallen on him. 

"You took care of the cancellation fees because you canceled!" she said. "Do you want a pat on the back for that?"

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Open Up About Their Salaries

Split of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay and Carl's financial situation was a major point of conversation during Summer House Season 8. In Episode 10, Carl shared that he'd made $70,000 "doing paid posts" as part of brand deals he had negotiated at that point in the summer of 2023, and said Lindsay had made $150,000. 

During a May 2024 episode of Bitch Bible, Lindsay shed some more light on the situation. "When I saw that conversation play out, I was like, first of all, that is not true. He did not make $70,000," she shared, adding that she "couldn't believe that [Carl] disclosed" their finances. The publicist went on to slam Carl's claim that she makes more money as an influencer because she's a woman.

"It's like, okay, well, do you know how many male-dominating jobs there are in this world that women have had to fight to compete [for]? ... Just let us have this one!" Lindsay said. "He's like, 'Well she makes more 'cause she's a woman...' no, I make more because I'm driven and go out there and push to make more."

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Disagreed On Career Paths

After Summer House Season 8, Episode 9, Lindsay chatted with Gabby Prescod for the Summer House After Show, explaining her frustration over her ex-fiancé's career path. During the conversation, she revealed that they'd spent $20,000 on a career coach for Carl.

“I was like, ‘Here’s this career coach, talk to him,’ so that I could take something off of my plate, and he could then figure it out with someone else ’cause, again, I can’t f-cking do it all, and this is not sexy for me,” Lindsay said. “So, has a career coach. Six months. Twenty-thousand dollars later, nothing happens. Nothing happens.”

Carl, for his part, said that the career coach was helpful. Especially in pushing him to his "next thing."

“He was like, ‘You gotta talk about sobriety and mental health. You’re passionate about it,'" explained the sales professional. 

Lindsay Hubbard Purchased Three Wedding Dresses 

Lindsay Hubbard smiling in the mirror in her wedding dress.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Lindsay revealed she was left with three wedding dresses after the celebration was called off.

“I had one, and I realized I had buyer’s remorse after purchasing it, but I got it from a sample sale so I couldn’t return it. Then I bought the one that you saw on the show. Then I got a second dress for the after-party," she explained.

As of now, they're still sitting in her closet.

“I’m going to sell one and donate one. That’s the short answer," she added. 

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