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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Did Marissa Hermer *Really* Start Those Rumors About Caroline Stanbury's Dubai Move?

The #LadiesOfLondon mom sets the record straight.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Did Marissa Start Rumors About Caroline's Legal Issues

Caroline Stanbury is getting ready for her move to Dubai this season of Ladies of London, but that's proving to be quite controversial. In last week's episode, Caroline's bestie and makeup artist Luke Henderson revealed that he's been hearing some of the other ladies question her motivation for moving, speculating that she's trying to run away from legal issues stemming from the closing of her Gift Library business the previous year. 

Though Luke didn't name names, Caroline thought Marissa Hermer might have something to do with spreading these rumors. That upset Caroline, especially because Marissa and her husband Matt Hermer are entrepreneurs who should know how business is done. 

Marissa told The Daily Dish prior to the episode airing that she had nothing to do with the rumors. "I don’t care. It’s uninteresting to me," Marissa said of Caroline's move. "Frankly, there are so many rumors about Caroline Stanbury in London that if I was going to spread one, her changing her zip code is pretty low on the list of salacious rumors about her."  

The Ladies of London mom said that "it still befuddles" her why Caroline pinned the origin of the rumors on her. "I think she made up in her head that I started these rumors because she hadn’t heard from me in a while. Basically, I was on bed rest, and I wasn’t communicating with her as much. She decided or made up that I had started these rumors," Marissa explained. "She was so paranoid about why any of these rumors were there. Who knows? I don’t care." 

Marissa said that it's possible Luke misconstrued a conversation they had together before the start of this season. "What I did do — but shame on me for ever showing I care about her — I asked Luke, because I heard a lot of these rumors, and some of them are pretty serious. I said, 'Luke, is Caroline OK?'" Marissa said, adding that she doesn't speak to Caroline one-on-one very much. "I speak to Luke a lot, and I said, 'By the way, is Caroline doing OK?' And somehow, that maybe got translated to Marissa talking about why you’re moving. I’m never going to show concern again." 

As for Caroline's drama with many of her Ladies of London castmates this season, Marissa said she doesn't feel caught in the middle because she's staying loyal to people like Sophie Stanbury, who is "a dear, dear friend" who she's known for 10 years. "Caroline and I have always gotten along, but we’ve never been best friends," Marissa said. "I don’t actually get involved. They’ll start bitching about things Caroline does, like sending them a thousand screaming texts. I’ve been on the other end of that, too. It could happen to you. I’ve been there too. I never got in the middle of anything." 

The challenges Marissa faced while pregnant with her daughter Sadie and then in her delivery has put everything into perspective, including her friendship with Caroline. "I’ve been through enough this year, and I’ve prioritized who I want to spend time with and who’s going to give me things, and if someone’s going to be screaming at me, I’m like, 'See you later,'" Marissa said. "I lose time for people like that very quickly."

Marissa will be there for her friend Sophie in Tuesday night's new episode of Ladies of London at 10/9c. Get a glimpse of their fun times to come, below.

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