Could Mila Kunis Fill Bethenny's Heels?

Could Mila Kunis Fill Bethenny's Heels?

B's new book isn't out yet, but a movie is already in talks.

By Lauren Metz

Bethenny Frankel is hoping to book Mila Kunis should her upcoming novel Skinnydipping – due out May 1 – hit the big screen. "I've been approached for the book to be a film and a television series," B tells the Associated Press ."My gut says it really is a film; maybe later it could be a TV series. It has the arc, the story, the characters to be a film."

So of course the burning question is, "Who would you want to play you, Bethenny?" "When I thought about the lead character, I thought about people like Mila Kunis… Expect the unexpected a little bit. I think that Mila Kunis would be perfect." But a close runner-up on her dream list is Skinnygirl super fan Lea Michele.

The release of Skinnydipping marks Bethenny's first swim in the fiction pond, and writing it proved to be relatively smooth sailing. "I've had really, really challenging times with previous books, and this was a breeze," the Bethenny Ever After star says. "I loved it. I felt like it wrote itself. I felt like while I was reading it, I wanted to keep reading even though I had written it. It was a great experience. I really liked fiction."

Who would make the better Bethenny: Mila or Lea? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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