Crowning Team Go Diva's Prime Prima Donna

Crowning Team Go Diva's Prime Prima Donna

Tell us who was the group's supreme diva!

A parade of dishes, disses, and disco dust ended in a puddle of tears last night when Heather H. was eliminated from Top Chef Just Desserts, effectively tearing asunder Team Go Diva. They were popular, they were polarizing, and they were supremely talented -- say what you will about them (and you will), but Heather wowed us with her Dark Chocolate Stracciatella Mousse Torte, Zac made the words "Steamed Beet Cake" mouth-watering, and Yigit's Mille-Feuille was a work of art.

So as we look back on their glittering run, we ask you: Who was Team Go Diva's supreme diva? Was it Zac, the team's boisterous and vocal cheerleader? Was it Yigit, the group's smooth (and perhaps sinister, if you ask Morgan) golden boy? Or was it the dearly departed Heather, seemingly the most demanding and combative of the bunch?

You know you have an opinion, so head over to this week's poll and make it count. You just know Andy will bring it up at the reunion -- cast your vote and give him something to talk about.

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