Cynthia's Got No Beef With Marlo and NeNe's Friendship

Cynthia's Got No Beef With Marlo and NeNe's Friendship

In fact, she's rooting for Marlo to return.

By Lauren Metz

Hey, Cynthia, what does the friend contract say about making new BFFs?

"I am so absolutely fine with NeNe and Marlo's relationship," Cynthia Bailey assures The Hollywood Reporter about sharing her Real Housewives of Atlanta bestie with the new girl. "I think it's great. Marlo and I are two different people. My relationship with NeNe is very different from hers."

Although Cynthia's encouraging of NeNe and Marlo's chummy-chummy status, she doesn't mention having a talls night out any time soon. "They do their thing. Nene and I do our thing."

But don't read too far in between those lines: Cynthia's still pulling for Marlo – and her labels – to stick around next season. "I think Marlo is definitely very entertaining for the show," the leggy ‘Wife continues telling THR. "I like shooting with her just in terms of Marlo as a cast mate. Whenever she's in the equation, things always take a different turn than what they thought it was going to be. So, Marlo would be really, really great to throw into the mix and see what's going to happen."

And cue Kim Zolciak's "Oh. Hell. No." reply: "Marlo better never hold a peach," the NeNe-appointed leader of the smalls unloads on The Hollywood Reporter. "I mean she's been arrested seven times, clearly that shows somebody's character. Her language and her demeanor are just disgusting. Her energy to me is just disgusting, using the 'F' word, and the gay swear is disgusting to me ... She's just trying to create drama so she can hold a peach, which will never happen."

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