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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Dallas

Dallas Housewife Cary Deuber Has No Time for Haters

The #RHOBH nurse reveals the biggest lesson she's learned so far.

By Jocelyn Vena
You Don't Even Effing Know LeeAnne Locken, Bitch

The rookie season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has not been short of drama. From fashion face-offs to learning new slang for confronting a frenemie (in Dallas, they call it bowing, naturally), it's clear the Dallas 'Wives like their drama as big as their hair. And Cary Deuber has certainly felt the heat. She's not only had to face the ire of haters following comments she made about her husband's 80-pound weight loss, but she's also gotten heated with charity queen LeeAnne Locken about what exactly makes someone a socialite. When Cary stopped by The Daily Dish HQ, she opened up about what it's been like to have cameras rolling on every moment of her life, including that epic argument.

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Were a few episodes in. What's it been like to watch the show since premiere?

Cary Deuber: It has been interesting to watch the show. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never done anything like this before but I think I learned a lot about myself, just watching myself.

What have you learned about different people?

I have learned that people can be kind of, a little more harsh than I thought. I’m a nurse, I’m a yogi, I’m a pretty positive person and I was shocked by some of the negative stuff

How have you been dealing with the haters? 

You know, I turn haters off, there’s no, I have no space, no room in my life for people who aren’t positive and so I just put that out.

How has Dallas been responding to the show?

Dallas has been hot and cold, I think. There’s some people who are big time supporters of the show and then some people who are just really haters.

How does that shake it? When you go to events do people come up and say things now, when you go to the grocery store?

You know, it’s funny in Dallas I feel like people don’t say anything to your face, you know? They kind of say it behind your back, so at least not yet! Maybe people will start coming up to me but no one’s really said anything to me.

How have you and the other ladies have you been watching together? Have you been watching separately? do you text each other the night that it airs?

I talk to the other girls pretty much on a daily basis. We just kind of, you know, it’s like a sisterhood and we’re going through this together we can understands each other’s, you know, path right now so I definitely chat with most of the other girls on the cast and go over our feelings and what’s going on for the day.

And how have they been dealing with it?

I think we’ve all, similarly, been dealing with everything I think we, I’ve been going to yoga a lot more and distressing but I think we’re all doing really well, you know? We have each other and we are friends and we have a good support system.

How would you say your life has changed most since the premiere?

I think my life has changed most just because I’m even busier now than I was before. I have a job already, I have kids, I have a husband, I have all those things plus this on top of it, so it’s been a juggling act for sure.

Is there a moment that you wish the cameras weren't rolling so far?

No, I don’t think there has been a moment where I wish the cameras weren’t rolling. I’m very honest and I’m very, you know, straightforward and I’m proud of everything that I’ve said.

Is there anything that you wish the cameras had caught that would maybe clear something up? (See clip above)

Yes! There are many things I wish the camera had caught! But not of me, of other people. For instance, you know, I mean there are, to be honest, I‘ve only seen three episodes so I don’t really know I’m hoping, you know, towards the end it catches kind of everything but definitely the little tiff with LeeAnne and I, there was a lot more said. I mean, I don’t, to be honest, I don’t remember the exact words, I said a lot during that and it didn’t really show.  

And how are you guys now?

We don’t speak.

LeeAnne feels like she kind of has issues with a bunch of the ladies in the group?

I don’t know if LeeAnne talks to any of the other ladies. I’m not sure if she’s taking to Tiffany right now. I think she does talk to her but on a limited basis.  

Is she accurately portrayed on the show?

I think, LeeAnne is a wounded person, I think, but that’s no excuse for being mean and hateful.

In addition to talking about the show, Cary also addressed comments she recently made about her husband, Dr, Mark Deuber's weight loss. Check out what she had to say about her controversial comments, below.

Cary Deuber Addresses Fat Shaming Accusations
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