David Foster on Yolanda: "She's Got Big Balls"

David Foster on Yolanda: "She's Got Big Balls"

The musician gives an update on the #RHOBH star's health and continued battle against Lyme disease.

By Jordan Upmalis

In the past, David Foster has been open about how he supports his wife Yolanda's fight against Lyme disease. Now, he's revealing just how brave the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star really is. ”She’s got big balls,” he told E! News on Friday. “They’re temporarily cut off, but they’ll be back.”

It’s been three years since Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme disease, an illness that she describes as a nightmare and has robbed her of the ability to at times read and write. But it’s a continuous battle that Yolanda is determined to win. "She’s doing fair. She’s just trying to work through it,” he continued. “You know, it’s been a tough battle, but she’s a fighter.”

What’s been especially humbling for the famed musician is that whenever he’s feeling down about the situation, he puts himself in Yolanda’s shoes. “This isn’t happening to me. It’s happening to her," he said. "And if the situation were reversed, I want to try to be, for her, the person that I would want her to be if I got sick.” One thing is certain: Her husband has all the faith in the world that the RHOBH star will emerge victorious. “She will get through it. For sure,” he said. 

Yolanda recently thanked her fans for supporting her throughout the journey. “Thanks a Million for riding the wave with me. Uncovering the mystery of chronic disease has been the greatest challenge Of my life,” she wrote on Instagram. “Your kindness and compassion during this journey has been a great source of support.” 

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