Did the Right Person Go Home on '80 Plates'?

Did the Right Person Go Home on '80 Plates'?

Despite blowing the main dish, one chef is still in the competition.

By Mike Hess

Chef Sia of 'Around the World in 80 Plates'

After making their way through London for the first episode of Around the World in 80 Plates, the chef-contestants headed to France for their second competition -- and thanks to the unique voting process, it's now becoming clear that there's more to staying on the show than just cooking your designated dish.

Spoiler alerts below!

On Wednesday night, as the Red and Black teams duked it out in the history-filled kitchens of Lyon, France, the main focus of the takeover competition was the quennelle -- a mousse-like mixture that's then shaped into an oval, baked and sauced. That's the dish of the region, and it was up to the chefs to recreate it along with other local favorites. So they why did Nick and John, who made the quennelle for the red team, stick around while Sai -- yes, the leg-baring sexy Thai chef -- get a one-way ticket home?

The proof is in the pudding, and here said pudding is the voting system. Joseph may have fumbled on the quennelle by making it dense and gooey, but the judges loved his sauce. Sai, however, blamed her Asian-only culinary background for not being able to poach eggs for her seemingly simple-to-execute Salad Lyonnaise. Once the voting focus shifts and the losing chefs pile on, it's tough to stop that momentum, and it was Sai-anora to the show's self-proclaimed sexpot.

But now that she's gone, was Sai the right choice, or should the Red chefs who cooked up the clunky quennelle have gotten the boot? Or, should Jenna, who at this point everyone on the team seems to loathe, gotten voted off simply for her tone?

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