Do You Have What It Takes To Work for Rachel Zoe?

Do You Have What It Takes To Work for Rachel Zoe?

Jeremiah and Joey give us the scoop on having Rachel as a boss.

By Kim Moreau

Joey Maaloof and Jeremiah Brent might not agree on much (Joey even admitted to us that people think he's "the mean one"), but one thing they can agree on –- if you want to make it working at Rachel Zoe Inc, you've got to bring your A-game.

"I think the best trait to have working for Rachel is to be so confident and to almost be confident enough to tell her what to do," The Rachel Zoe Project star mused. "Because if you're that confident, then she really trusts that you know what you're doing." Joey mentioned for him, that's never been an issue, "Obviously I don't have a problem telling her what to do, so styling for me came naturally, because I’ll just be like 'That's ugly.'"

So just immediately start and tell Rachel what to do then? That’s a pretty ballsy proposition, but it's one that Joey stands behind if you want to make it in the styling business. Jeremiah's advice, on the other hand is to not only be confident -- but to be confident quickly.

"I think any job I do is with a sense of urgency," Jeremiah said, "I want to get the job done correctly and done as quickly as possible, and I think that's the key to success with Rachel. She wants confident, capable people and stuff that’s going to get done quick."

The hustle and bustle -- and the schlepping is part of the styling business that Joey didn't expect.

"Hair and makeup comes natural, but styling -- you have to think of clamps and clips and pins and making sure there are no creases in the dresses and 'Is the client happy,' 'Is the photographer happy,' 'Is the producer happy,' Is the assistant happy?'" Joey lists. "There's so much and so many elements to it, especially like the schlepping of the pulls, and going to get the shoes, and making sure you got all the right accessories, and then you have to walk out with it and carry it to the studio and then organize it. It's a lot."

As winded as he sounds, he and Jeremiah agree that at the end of the day, working for Rachel is totally worth it.

"Rachel, I don't know if it's pregnancy or what, but since I've worked for her, she's always been really great in kind of giving me free reign creatively, and always trusted my aesthetic and kind of let me do what I need to do," Jeremiah commended. "She's been a great boss in that she allows you and gives your room to grow."

Tune-in tonight at 9/8 C to see Jeremiah and Joey at work. Then who do you think is the employee of the month at Rachel Zoe, Inc. -- Jeremiah or Joey? Start a Tweet Battle to decide who's a better stylist.

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