Donald Trump Promises Teresa “Gets Wild Very Soon”

Donald Trump Promises Teresa “Gets Wild Very Soon”

Find out how our T shocked the Don.


What? You were expecting more table flips, Mr. Trump? 

“It's surprising to me that [Teresa’s] not more volatile," the hair revealed on a recent conference call. "She's much different than I thought she would be. She's a very quality person. I thought she'd be a total wild woman … and really she's not. I mean, she's more reserved, and I think it's a lot different than when you see her on the other show,” reports Donald Trump as saying about Celebrity Apprentice contestant Teresa Giudice.

Not getting too far ahead of himself, the bossman clarified, “Well, I don't want to give much up, but…she gets wild very soon.” Ut-oh, Debbie Gibson. Or could Lisa Lampanelli be the target of Mt. Teresa’s eruption? “I was ready to explode! Did you see me take a breather & then Lisa backtracked to say I delivered. She's so lucky...” 

Perhaps even more surprising to Donald than Teresa’s composure is the unlikely bond he’s formed with the New Jersey Housewife. “Can you believe I straight up asked Mr. Trump how many women he slept with? #crazy,” Super T tweeted before gushing, “Mr. Trump said I'm STABLE! Stable! Freakin' stable! Ha!”

What will Teresa say about her Celebrity Apprentice experience next? Keep up with this busy madre using our Tweet Tracker.


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