Dream Destinations Inspired by the Oscar Nominees (From Australia to Mars!)

Dream Destinations Inspired by the Oscar Nominees (From Australia to Mars!)

Forget sleeping inside a dead horse — these are the luxe lodgings you want.

By Ko Im
With the big show coming up on Sunday, we're about to find out the winners of the Academy Awards! But no matter which flick scoops up best picture, the nominees have already provided us with an array of ideas for our next travel opportunity. (Vacation on the brain much?) Inspired by the backdrops for the nominated films, here are the places we're adding to our must-visit list — from exotic and futuristic, to right here stateside.

1. Outer Space (The Martian)

In the very near future, Bloon plans to send humans on a near-space flight in a helium balloon. Real, retired NASA astronauts (no Matt Damon, sorry) train and fly with you. You get to even decorate your ride. One day prior to the adventure, fly into a high-end resort, then transport over to enjoy a Michelin-starred menu and watch a solar eclipse. You also get a video made of the journey. The cost of the whole thing? About $125,000.

2. East Berlin (Bridge of Spies)

While the movie’s set in the Cold War, we’d rather warm up in the modern-day steamy spa at the Adlon. Negotiate your way into a private Finnish spa suite complete with a steam shower, Jacuzzi, or relaxation bed. Top off the experience with champagne. Indulge in a celebrity-fave HydraFacial with LED light therapy to target any stress lines. 

3. Wall Street (The Big Short)

Andaz hotel is the only property with a Wall Street address where you can bet on large rooms designed by David Rockwell, plus farm-to-table dining. See how the financial district revitalized after the stock market crash: Just steps from the stock exchange, you'll get a beer garden and a complimentary mini bar, wine hour, and warm cookies at your fingertips.

4. Brooklyn (Brooklyn)

In this charming flick, Eilis leaves Ireland for Brooklyn. Well, this Moriomoto sushi sail should banish any homesickness for your home town stat. Aboard America 2.0, you’ll find yourself enjoying flights of sake while taking in views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, cruising between Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

5. Australia (Mad Max)

No wasteland down under, just the lush feel of being precious cargo while you're on Orpheus Island, a luxe resort along the Great Barrier Reef surrounding a World Heritage-listed park. Eco tents are available from about $1,000 per night, along with a half-size Olympic swimming pool overlooking the ocean. Go for dives and dinghy tours, plus gourmet picnics while on this exclusive island. 

6. Ireland (Room)

Fitzwilliam Hotel is a far cry from a small shed! Placed in front of what would be Dublin’s version of Central Park, the hotel offers live jazz, top restaurants, charming staff, and tea service. Beyoncé has reportedly stayed in the top penthouse with a gorgeous bathtub and bespoke arrangements. 

7. Boston (Spotlight)

Work as a team for Da Vinci’s Gold Scavenger Hunt while equipped with hand-made treasure maps. Search for clues with GPS units as actors guide you along the way during the $2,000 experience. Then be a pal and share your spoils! 

8. American West (The Revenant)

Parts of the film were shot in Canada. Yes, it’ll be cold on this itinerary... but you won’t be left for dead. A guide will help you marvel at waterfalls and go for a Glacier Skywalk. You’ll receive a nature photography lesson and be surrounded by wilderness, but never too far from luxury while staying at a chateau. 
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