Eat, Pray, Love Turns 10 — And Here's Your Chance to Live the Journey

Eat, Pray, Love Turns 10 — And Here's Your Chance to Live the Journey

Spirituality, sunsets, and snacks are calling. 

By Ko Im

It's the book that made solo travel a more mainstream movement. And it's been the post break-up travel bible for the separated, single, and divorced... for a full decade now. Yes, Eat, Pray, Love is officially 10 years old, having first hit book stores (remember those?) in February 2006.

In all that time since, we hope you have been able to live out your dreams of pizza, silence, and passion by way of romps through Italy, India, and Indonesia like author Elizabeth Gilbert (or her movie character, Julia Roberts). But if not — now's your chance to get on it.

There's an itinerary for just that style of trip coming up this fall, in celebration of the book's milestone anniversary and all the self discovery and self love it stands for.

Operator Intrepid Travel wants to take you (and a few others) on a journey much shorter than a year-long odyssey — but nevertheless an epic one.

The trip starts at $7,500. Over the course of 38 days, you'll roam Rome, spend days in Delhi, and cap off the whole experience in Sanur as you ride a rickshaw, sleeper train, and truck. However, won't have to rough it completely, as the itinerary also includes a stay in a deluxe tent, jungle resort, and heritage property — between food tours, free time, and temple visits. 

This is the same company that recently put together a 365-day pilgrimage that sent wanderlusters all around the world, and we hear this new trip is a specialized spinoff for an intimate group. 

We can't promise you'll cross paths with a real-life Javier Bardem — but you'll probably come home with much more chill.

How could you not?


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