Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Advice for Pal Bethenny Frankel

Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Advice for Pal Bethenny Frankel

"Just be yourself," E says. And dance a lot?

By Lauren Metz

When the queen of daytime TV shares her jewels of knowledge, you listen -– and maybe bow.

"My advice to you is to be yourself -- not be what you think a talk show host should be or what you've seen a talk show host be, because the way that you're going to be successful is by being someone that they haven't seen before,” Ellen DeGeneres bestowed upon her chatty protégé Bethenny Frankel.

The Skinnygirl mogul is bracing for the next phase in her world dominance, a talk show premiering on June 11. Bethenny will air on FOX in six markets -- Phoenix, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas –- and comes backed by the airwaves royal. "My friend @Bethenny Frankel told me about her new talk show. I couldn't be more proud if I executive produced it myself,” Ellen tweeted.

"The audience can sense if you're being authentic so you just be yourself: You know you are very outspoken, which is why I think you're going to be great for television because you say things and you have strong opinions and I think people will relate to that or disagree but it will be a discussion,” Ellen continued giving the thumbs up from her show's set. "I think you're going to be great, you're going to be fantastic."

Do you agree with Ellen: Will Bethenny be an instant talk show hit? Start a Tweet Battle, and defend your side. Then check out a video of the executive producer of Bethenny Ever After discussing B's upcoming talk show.

Producer's Commentary: A Daily Talk Show
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