Emily Morse's Online Dating Tips for Men

Emily Morse's Online Dating Tips for Men

The Miss Advised star gives a peek into the playbook.

By Lauren Metz

Emily Morse

Jittery about entering online dating, fellas? Breathe easy -- Miss Advised’s Emily Morse will walk you through the first step.

"There are hidden rules on sending the first message," the host of "Sex with Emily" explains on her site. Now, you may think calling a girl who grabs your eye pretty is a good thing, right? Wrong!

"I’m sorry to tell you this, but telling a girl she’s cute in the first message does not fare well. In fact, studies have shown that women are turned off by compliments on their looks in the first message. You obviously think she’s cute if you’re messaging her," the San Francisco by way of Michigan resident says.

So what should you say then? "For the first contact, you should try to riff off something from her profile." Here’s an example from Em: "You say you like Mexico, what’s your favorite city? Mine is Sayulita. I just got back from spending 6 months traveling throughout Mexico."

In general, follow the Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight author’s rule of thumb for first online impressions, "Show that you actually read her profile and are interested in her for something other than her looks."

What other love gems is Emily (and co-stars Julia and Amy) revealing? Connect with their relationship insight now using our Tweet Tracker.


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