Erika Girardi and Brandi Glanville Are Up to Something...

Erika Girardi and Brandi Glanville Are Up to Something...

Looks like these #RHOBH ladies are teaming up for a new movie. 

By Jocelyn Vena

No, you aren't imagining that photo of Erika Girardi and Brandi Glanville sitting together in space-themed uniforms wearing futuristic glasses. It's real and it was posted to Brandi's Instagram with a mysterious tease about what project prompted the game of dress-up. "So excited to be walking the red carpet soon for a movie I did with this beauty," she wrote.

Now, there aren't many clues as to what this movie is, but after some searching around the 'Net, there are some hints that point to the fact that it's likely both of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills moms will appear in the latest installment of the Sharknado franchise, slated to premiere on SyFy on July 31. For instance, the fourth film in the franchise is mentioned on Erika's Wikipedia (and she's on the movie's IMDB cast page), and Brandi has been previously linked to the project. And July 31 is soon, so we're going to assume it's what Brandi is talking about on Instagram. Then, again, we might be totally wrong. Either way, we're excited.

It's not the first time Erika and Brandi crossed paths. Check out Brandi's cameo during the Season 6 RHOBH reunion, below.

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