Erika Girardi Teases the Moment "the S*** Hits the Fan" on the RHOBH Hong Kong Trip

Erika Girardi Teases the Moment "the S*** Hits the Fan" on the RHOBH Hong Kong Trip

The #RHOBH singer remembers "losing it... mostly."

By Jocelyn Vena

Erika Girardi is not lying when she says that the drama flies pretty high during the ladies' Hong Kong trip. You needn't look any further than a preview for next week's episode to see that Erika will break down during a group outing. And it's those moments that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills singer remembers most about the getaway.

"Well there's a lot of drama on the Hong Kong trip. This is where the s*** hits the fan. So that was kind of my highlight," she told The Daily Dish. "I broke down twice and I wasn't feeling very good about it. I don't like that. Unfortunately instead of remembering the beautiful city and the incredible food and the beautiful location, I remember losing it... mostly."' 

Erika not only cries during a heated moment with Eileen Davidson, but also earlier in the trip while talking about her mother with Kyle Richards (clip below). But in addition to the emotional lows, Erika also remembers the sightseeing highs. "You know what I love about Hong Kong is that it's lush and green and hills and the Buddha that we visited was most impressive," she recalled. "I encourage everyone that goes to Hong Kong, please go see the Buddha because it's magical — very, very spiritual."

We might say that jet lag played a part in Erika's emotional breakdowns, but given that she has the perfect cure for it, we think our theory might be wrong. "Workout, go to the gym, spend like 30 minutes on the treadmill," she said of her jet lag-blasting cure. "You'll feel a lot better. Take a shower, change your clothes, then go face off with Housewives. Let's get it on!"

Check out more from the RHOBH trip next Tuesday at 9/8c. preview, below.

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