'Extreme Guide to Parenting'—Watch a Sneak Peek!

'Extreme Guide to Parenting'—Watch a Sneak Peek!

From eco-shamanism to conscious attachment, inside the unique methods for raising children.

What's eco-shamanism? Is conscious attachment a sound way to raise children? And can "push-parenting" help transform your adorable babies into the confident leaders of tomorrow?

On our new series Extreme Guide to Parenting, we'll give you a candid and unfiltered look into some of the unique and unconventional styles of raising children in America. The show premieres Thursday, August 7 at 9:30p ET/PT—but we've got a first look now.


In the premiere episode, we'll meet the Adler and Masterson-Horn families. The Adler family practices an “eco-kosher, shamanistic” method of parenting. Mom Shira believes in an all-natural approach to raising her children, especially her 10-year-old indigo son Yonah to help treat his overactive personality.

The Masterson-Horn family, meanwhile, has a very hands-on approach to parenting. It took years for this gay couple (the "Guncles" from Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood") to adopt their precious daughter, Simone, and now they never, ever leave her side.

Watch the first look above and tune in August 7 at 9:30p ET/PT.

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