Find Out Which Below Deck Yachtie Is Related to Thomas Ravenel

Find Out Which Below Deck Yachtie Is Related to Thomas Ravenel

There's a definite #BelowDeck and #SouthernCharm connection that we didn't see coming.

By Jocelyn Vena

Bravo viewers are just getting to know Baker Manning this season on Below Deck, but there's one Bravoleb who has known the yachtie for basically her entire life. Turns out that Baker is related to the one and only Thomas Ravenel. She explained her connection to the Southern Charm dad on an episode of Quintin's Close-Ups. 

"Arthur Ravenel is married to my grandmother, my dad's mom. They've been married since before I was born, so as far as I'm concerned he's full-on granddad," she explained. "I don't like the step aspect of it. I've known them my whole life and growing up we would come to Charleston several times of year to visit. So I know all of them pretty well."

Baker is a South Carolina native who attended the College of Charleston. And she opened up about what it was like growing up around Thomas. "I've known Thomas ever since I was a little young buck 5, 6 years old and we always loved coming to Charleston and getting to hang with Uncle Thomas," she said. "As the youngest of his siblings, he was always [around]. It was a lot of fun for us cause he would always take time to push us on the hammock and he was always [around] to give us the time of the day whereas everybody else at these family functions were all mingling with each other."

Baker and "Uncle" Thomas, related by her grandmother's marriage to a member of the Ravenel family.

Get to know a little more about Baker, below.

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