5 Fun (and Weird) Cleanses to Kick Off the New Year

5 Fun (and Weird) Cleanses to Kick Off the New Year

Did someone say pie cleanse?

By Tamara Palmer

Was your New Year's Eve a little too happy? While you can’t suddenly detox from all your holiday indulgences—including all the fat, sugar, empty calories and whatnot—you might as well give these panaceas a shot. After all, it can't hurt to go for an infusion of healthy foods, juices and tea. Barring that, maybe try some tacos and pie? Read on for some of the coolest (and weirdest) cleanses you can order up in a flash.

Pie Cleanse

The words pie and cleanse truly belong together, no? Bee Green’s 3-Day Cleanse provides you with six smoothies and one hand-pie to consume each day. Of course, the pies aren’t filled with apple or banana cream; try spinach with walnuts and flax seeds instead. But hey, pie!

Taco Cleanse

The 75 vegan taco ideas in the recently published book The Taco Cleanse are designed to “detox your dreams and redefine your dinner,” which sounds like a recipe for happiness. Especially since there are required margarita supplements, according to the authors. Sign us up!

Tea Cleanse

Skinny Bee Tea’s 14-Day Detox comes with recommendations for a healthy diet to go with it, so it’s not a liquid starvation situation. Do note though that a tea cleanse like this one acts as a diuretic (one of the two teas you’ll drink is actually called “colon cleanse”), so it’d be smart to take it when you can stay really, really close to home.

Good Old Juice Cleanse

Blueprint, one of the best-known juice cleanse companies in the country, offers four different cleanse programs to suit different levels of experience, from introductory to expert. With each, you get a daily ration of six drinks: a combo of fruit and vegetable juices, nut milks and uber-green beverages. It's not cheap, or easy, but that packaging gets us every time.

Superfood Cleanse

Roots Pressed Juices’ Superfood Cleanse has a sensible combination of raw food and healthy snacks. The program combines four daily juices with a bunch of superfood snacks, like maca mulberry super oats, kale chips and acai coconut bars. Thankfully, you're supposed to eat these with a nutritionally balanced dinner—so you have a fair shot of sticking with this one for longer than a day.


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