George Takei Explains William Shatner's 'Douchiness'

George Takei Explains William Shatner's 'Douchiness'

Plain and simple, he was an attention stealer.

By Mike Hess

All it took was a Watch What Happens Live fan question inquiring who the "biggest douche" on the Star Trek set was for George Takei to say what most people who have followed his tales likely already know: It's William Shatner.

At first George seemed a bit hesitant to actually say Shatner's name, but when Andy Cohen chimed in with it, Mr. Sulu was quick to explain why he thought the eccentric Captain deserved the honor.

"Well, he's very self-possessed, self-involved," Takei began. "Everything revolves around the Captain. They may have been setting up a close-up on her, because she's got the line, but then he'd take the director off to a dark corner and have a whispered conversation. And then, the director comes back and moves the camera that way ... offstage, and he's reacting. And that's the important thing [in the scene], and she's lost her close-up. You know, sometimes that happens, but it happens regularly, and then it begins to be "Oh no."

Oh, and then he did his rendition of Kenya Moore's "Gone With the Wind Fabulous." Seriously.

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