Get Social with the Real Housewives of Atlanta Tonight!

Get Social with the Real Housewives of Atlanta Tonight!


Fans, producers, and the ‘Wives themselves put their stamp on this week’s episode.



Everybody knows that the #RHOA fans might be the most opinionated and digitally loquacious of all Bravo superfans. During every episode, they stamp their approval and disapproval across Twitter, Facebook, Google+,, and anything they get their keyboards on.

Now, we’re making them a part of the show. During last Sunday’s episode, we gathered the best fan comments as well as messages from the show’s producers and even the Housewives themselves, and you’ll see them all tonight at 10/9c when we air our “Social Edition” of Sunday’s episode. So not only do you get to relive the drama between Cynthia and Peter, giggle uncontrollable when Phaedra says “funerals worth dying for,” and wince with sympathy as Sheree makes Kim do the plank, you’ll see what everybody was saying about those unforgettable moments.

So tune in and get ready. Who knows? Maybe yours made the cut! And for those of you who forgot to voice opinions last week, don’t fret. We’ll be monitoring the social space this Sunday at 9/8c to see what you had to say.




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