Giuliana Rancic's Shocking Story About Russell Crowe

Giuliana Rancic's Shocking Story About Russell Crowe

The E! News host tells Andy Cohen about why he was the worst interview ever.

By Jordan Upmalis


E! News' Giuliana Rancic stopped by the Clubhouse last night, and opened up about her life interviewing some of the world's biggest celebrities. Sure, she admitted "there have been a lot of awkward ones," but there is definitely one that tops the list.

"Oh! I know! Duh! Russell Crowe!" she exclaimed. "Russell Crowe was so mean to me. Hey Russell, what's up?"


Only being on board at E! for a year, Giuliana tried to take it easy on the Aussie, but apparently he wasn't having it. "I said, 'So are you excited to be here tonight, your big movie premiere?' and he goes, 'I'm contractually obligated to be here, what's your next question?'"

Things got progressively worse from there. "I go, 'Um, you know, isn't this so wonderful seeing all the fans?' And he goes, 'That's your second question? One, two, you're through,' and he walked away."

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