What Did Gloria Vanderbilt Reveal That Left Son Anderson Cooper Speechless?

What Did Gloria Vanderbilt Reveal That Left Son Anderson Cooper Speechless?

The CNN host's mom reveals a long kept secret that even surprised her son. 

By Marianne Garvey

Anderson Cooper’s mom Gloria Vanderbilt, 92, gave her openly gay CNN host son a shock when she revealed in a People interview that she had once been in a gay relationship herself.

The 92-year-old socialite and Anderson were promoting their new HBO documentary Nothing left Unsaid, when Gloria shocked Anderson with a little tale about her time away at boarding school.

I, myself, when I went to [Miss Porter's School in] Farmington, [Connecticut] I went through a brief so-called lesbian relationship with a girl in school,” she revealed. “Cynthia, her name was, and she came once to visit my aunt in New York on holiday. We had this sort of lesbian relationship and it felt so great. It felt so good and yet I thought, 'There's something about this,' and this is before the thing I knew about my mother. I thought, 'No, this is something that's not really what I want.' It was very brief." 

Anderson blurted out, “What?! Hello? This is news to me.”

Anderson had not known about his mom’s lesbian affair, since it had been shadowed by her famous relationships with screenwriter Wyatt Cooper, Anderson’s father, and Frank Sinatra, who she had a wild three week affair with. It also happened a long time ago. Gloria was 13 at the time and said, “I think almost everybody goes through it at one point, of course, the thing is, now we realize there's no difference. Love is love."

Gloria’s own mother, Anderson’s grandmother, was a lesbian, who also had affairs with men. Anderson came out publicly in 2012, after much speculation about his sexuality. He had told his mother privately when he was 21 years old. 

The silver fox and his mom are publishing a joint memoir, to go along with the documentary, which they are the subjects of.

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