Here's Why James Harris Thinks James Corden Will Slay Hosting The Grammys

Here's Why James Harris Thinks James Corden Will Slay Hosting The Grammys

#MDLLA agent James Harris says that jokes "roll off" the late-night host's tongue.

By Jocelyn Vena

While you sit and ponder whether Adele or Beyoncé deserves the Album of the Year trophy at this year's Grammy Awards, we're pretty sure James Corden is busy putting the finishing touches on his hosting routine. Well, whatever the Late Late Show host does dream up for the big night, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent James Harris is pretty sure it's going to be amazing.  

"James is, I swear to you, one of the most talented individuals out there, in this entire business," James told The Daily Dish recently, before recalling a hilarious segment he did with Corden last year where the duo showed a house to Tyga. "I mean, when we filmed that segment, people said, 'Did you rehearse? And how long did it take?' And I'll tell you now, James showed up to film [and] there was not one rehearsal. He just goes. It rolls off his tongue. Sunday he'll be hosting those Grammys and he deserves everything and more. He's just a great guy." 

Once Corden's Grammys gig wraps up, will the guys team up again? Perhaps to film a Carpool Karaoke segment? "No, Carpool Karaoke for me. You don't want to hear me sing, trust me," James said before busting out into a tune. "I'll stick to real estate, right?"

Um, good idea.

Check out the nominees for Album of the Year, below.

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