This Is How Much Money Kylie Jenner Made Off Her Lip Kits in the Last 18 Months

This Is How Much Money Kylie Jenner Made Off Her Lip Kits in the Last 18 Months


By Jenny Berg
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It's still unclear whether Kylie Jenner is pregnant or not. Honestly? That's fine with us! The maybe-mama-to-be can make her announcement when she's good and ready.

But, one thing is for sure: The youngest member of the Jenner clan is an ace when it comes to business, and her Kylie Cosmetics empire is a bonafide success. 

How successful, exactly? Well, it depends on what your metrics are. Kylie's Lip Kits and eye shadow palettes pretty much set universal beauty trends, so there's that. But financial success also helps, and you will not believe how much the young mogul has brought in since she launched her biz eighteen months ago. 

Ready for this? Kris Jenner told CNBC that Kylie Cosmetics helped her youngest daughter bring in an astonishing $420 million in sales! Whew! Each Lip Kit goes for $29, if that helps paint the picture that Kylie's products sell like gangbusters. 

At the rate her daughter is going, Kris told CNBC, Kylie is likely to be a billionaire by the time she hits 25. So, whether or not a baby is on the way, the business-savvy 20-year-old has about a billion things to look forward to. And, Kyle Richards wasn't kidding when she said that if Kylie is on her way to becoming a mom, she's all set up financially to take care of a little one. 

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